About Us

Christ Lutheran Church was organized in 1968 through a merger of St Paul's Lutheran Church (Farrell PA) and Calvary Lutheran Church (Sharon PA).

We gather each week to praise God, hear God's word and receive Holy Communion.  We follow a rich, traditional liturgical format while we embrace hymns and music from all traditions. 

We Believe in the holy trinity

God exists as one substance in three persons:  The Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Although each member of the Trinity serves different functions, they each possess equal power and authority. God is all powerful, all knowing, ever present, completely worthy of our trust, and above all, Holy.  It is in him that we live, move and exist.  God is our Father.  God is loving, compassionate and faithful to His people and His promises. 

Christ Lutheran Church

396 Buhl Blvd

Sharon, PA 16146

Office:  724-981-2070

Office Hours:  10:00 AM - 3:00 PM;  MONDAY - FRIDAY

Interim Pastor:  Reverend Dennis Blauser

Office Manager:  Monica


Website:  jillhrabosky@gmail.com