About Us


Christ Lutheran Church was organized in 1968 by a merger of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Farrell, and Calvary Lutheran Church, Sharon.

It is a faith community whose mission is to assist all its members as they grow in faith, building and strengthening relationships between individuals of all ages while reaching out to others with the message of God's grace.

We gather each week to praise God, to hear God's Word and receive Holy Communion.  As a church of the Reformation our worship follows a liturgical tradition while we embrace hymns and music from all traditions.  Most of the liturgy is printed in the bulletin using a user friendly format.  Believing in the real presence of Christ, this church practices Eucharistic hospitality.  All baptized persons are welcome at the table of our Lord.  We offer wine or grape juice, and traditional hosts.

If you do not have a church home here in the Shenango Valley, consider our community of faith.  You can learn about the Lutheran faith by going to the  website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, www.ELCA.org

Worship Music

The music director serves as the organist and choir director.  Music has been a pivotal part of worship from the earliest days of the church.  We are blessed to have an Adult Chapel Choir, childrens' Church Choir, and a hand bell Choir (Joybell Choir).  Everyone is welcome to make joyful noise with the adult or hand bell choirs.  No special training is necessary.

Church Fellowship

Fellowship activities are schedule from time to time and include:

*  Activities for the youth

*  Annual church picnic in August

*  Shove Tuesday pancake dinner

*  Easter Breakfast

*  Blessing of the Bikes

*  Mother's Day Tea